Sunday, April 15, 2007

biggest passion music, but he likes madona too

Tiesto likes the work of Madonna because her music shows that she likes to dance.
Tiesto web site, shit, not working.
he maight done some real god work in music, but seems like that is all.
Trance is the name applied to a type of House music that tends to be faster than normal, rarely features vocals and is built around layers of shimmering, intertwining synthesizer riffs.Music has always been the biggest passion in Tiesto's life and he felt the need to share that passion with other people. Between 1985 and 1993 he performed as resident in several clubs in Holland and in these years he developed an important foundation:

With a massive following in Europe, club culture has propelled itself into the mainstream, thereby bringing its players a higher profile. This is the birth of a new, fresh generation of performers, artists and producers. Tijs Verwest, a.k.a. DJ Tiesto, is coming to North America and aficianados of progressive electronic dance music had better take note. A mainstay in his native Holland, DJ Tiesto has long had a passion for sharing music and first played records at drive-in disco shows early in his career. He soon moved to the clubs where his sound focused on club and popular music from the Dutch chart parade. Eventually he narrowed his scope mainly to house music, a simple hybrid of beats laden over a bass-heavy groove, and started to create his own distinctive style. This recipe makes for an exciting time as Nettwerk Records presents to you DJ Tiesto: Summer Breeze, a hand-picked selection of anthems that will make your head sway. The opening track is "Dido", a beautiful progressive trance track with vocal samples derived from a Henry Purcell opera and remixed by Armin Van Buuren (DJ Tiesto's collaborator on projects such as Major League and Alibi) to give us a taste of the future. Also featured is Oliver Lieb's dark treatment of the Kamaya Painters (DJ Tiesto and M.B. de Goeij) track "Far From Over." John Johnson, master of deep progressive trance, gives us his reconstruction of Dawnseekers' "Gothic Dream", and one of DJ Tiesto's own productions is a massive tune entitled "Sparkles" (a chart topper earlier this year played by all the top progressive DJs overseas - Euro diva Sonique had this one in her charts for weeks). Representing North America's premier electronic dance acts are Nettwerk artists BT (Libra's mix of "Dreaming") and Delerium featuring Sarah McLachlan (DJ Tiesto does an epic mix of "Silence"). DJ Tiesto's producer skills are highlighted as well, namely on his Magikal Remake of Yahel's gorgeous "Going Up;" on Jaimy & Kenny D's pumping club anthem "Caught Me Running;" and with Major League, which gives us the frantic frenzy of "Wonder?" in its true original form. While many DJs tend to follow the alluring trend of playing only massive tunes with minimal appeal, DJ Tiesto sets himself apart from the pack by hand-picking tunes that will linger with people hours after the club has closed. With this seamlessly mixed spectrum of songs, DJ Tiesto wants you - whether you're an avid club jester or just someone who yearns to be swept away - to take Summer Breeze as a testimony to his passion for sharing music.