Sunday, May 6, 2007

Fame as fen omen of artist, resistance and freedom

Legendary Russian cellist died few days ago in Moscow hospital. He suffered from cancer. He was the teller of musical life and his most sophisticated maker.
Mstislav Rostropovich was fighting with his disease till end. He got sick with cancer last summer. When he canceled all his concerts , and then he managed enough powers to make a homage in begin of fall. It was hundred years after birth of Russian composer, mentor and friend Dimitry Shostakovitch. So the made beautiful concert in Moscow for that occasion. Then he escaped in sanatorium for Russian elite Barviha in sub of Moscow. Russian president Vladimir Putin honored Rostropovichwith Russian state medal for merits and his contribution in development of music in global point of view, and for long years of artistic creativity.
Rostropovich had charisma, which is owned by few instrumental soloist: where was Rostropovich there was his world, his music, his spiritual power, honesty and ray of genius musician, his fluid, spontaneity, maybe little of clumsiness in movements, awkwardness of simpatico , but heavy laugh which with his humbleness and took over anyone close. He suffered to much, he was humiliated so many times and in other hand he received the highest honers and in his person only artistic miracle. Which is total contrast. Fame , an he was irrational artistic being on one side, in other side he was man with amazing courage, self confident, intensive devotion and secure in his artistic power and his civil responsibilities. Practically all Russian presidents had been engage with him. From Stalin to Putin, all musical birocracy, but place in his heart was only for real people, artist, intellectuals, scientists and of course for all that he played with and for musicians whom wit he was creating music.
We can be happy that he liked to play for us, as soloist cellist, as director of other orchestra (it is unforgettable when he gave concerts together with Washington national orchestra, bud they were not allowed to play in east) or as soloist with many of different orchestra for background.
Rostropovichis staying in time mostly wet from globalization and loose artistic values. He is ray of light in artistic values, humble goals. He is equal to very rare politicians which acted the history of 20 century.